About Us

In 2006, A 17 year old named Trey Lockhart was invited by a friend’s father, who was a welder, and a contractor that hired his friend’s father to make a few extra bucks working as a general laborer.

Well those few bucks turned into valuable skills that would later influence Trey to begin working with his grandfather’s Gutter Company where he perfected his craft and gained remarkable knowledge, as well as an understanding of how to build relationships with customers.

In 2011, Trey felt he had developed enough to begin sub-contracting. After successful relationships were established and Charlotte’s construction industry continued thriving, Trey had the exterior craft mastered and Citiside Exterior Solutions was born!

Today, The Citiside family continues to provide quality service to the entire Charlotte and Greater Metro area. Our technicians are professionally trained and have unmatched field experience, Working diligently from week to week satisfying our customers.

Our crew, our brand, and our services are truly one of a kind and we get joy out of seeing you satisfied.